SOLAR ECLIPSE: Unraveling the big event’s impact on power grids

Ninety minutes before the arrival of the solar eclipse on Aug. 21, a large, thick cloud drifted in to obscure the sun, curdling the hopes of Tom Petray, a retired Texas State University professor who had lugged a vacuum-cleaner-sized telescope to the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Melton Hill on the Clinch River outside Knoxville to see…Read more

Expo Shines Spotlight On Grid Of The Future

Energy storage, smart meters and microgrids, among other energy technology, were on full display at an expo in Washington hosted by the Edison Electric Institute, GridWise Alliance and National Electrical Manufacturers Association. Read more about the expo.

Grid Execs Say Regulatory Certainty Is Key To Reliability

Grid operators told lawmakers that regulatory certainty, not congressional reform efforts, would have the greatest benefit for electricity markets. Executives from the seven regional transmission organizations and independent system operators told a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing that competitive markets are working well. Read more.