FERC Commissioner Spitzer addresses latest criticism of FERC 1000: It brought “order out of chaos”

In a recent E&E TV appearance, FERC Commissioner Marc Spitzer sat down with E&E correspondent Monica Trauzzi to discuss FERC Order 1000 and the importance of giving the regions the ability to devise their own cost-effective, efficient transmission plans, ensuring ratepayers can purchase energy at fair and reasonable rates.

Spitzer explained, “In some regions of the country it’s entirely possible that along lines to bringing resources, whether they’re fossil resources or renewable resources, to load to the benefit of ratepayers will provide for a broader cost allocation. In other regions perhaps you’d reach a different result, but we created a fair, transparent planning process that all the stakeholders will be able to provide input. It will vary by regions and I think that’s a benefit for the ratepayers.”

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