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recent article by Llewellyn King, the host of PBS’s White House Chronicle, points out the huge opportunities for job creation that are being missed because utility infrastructure projects are being blocked by local opposition. The article states “the pent-up need for utilities to start these projects is so great that if the impediments can be dealt with, 250,000 jobs can be created almost immediately, without action from Congress or a raid on the federal treasury.”

While many people associate these jobs with renewable energy, in reality they are what the report author calls “backbone jobs” that are driven by utility and energy companies that have been engines of growth for decades.

The article was based on a new study from an advocacy group led by Steven Mitnick, a former advisor to the Governor of New York and CEO of a transmission company.

King also notes that the best part about investing now to build this infrastructure is that it won’t cause hikes in utility bills because the cost of fuel is what drives higher rates. In fact, in addition to new jobs, consumers will benefit because new infrastructure improves efficiency.

Read the full article here.